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More than a decade since the HITECH Act established a timeline for EHR adoption, US hospitals today find themselves generating more clinical and administrative data on any given day than previously thought possible. Yet clinical operations are still based on subjective decision-making and traditional processes that ignore not only the raw data, but also the valuable efficiency improvements that can be automatically derived from them.

Biocogniv picks up where the EHR transformation left off and introduces real-time intelligence on top of this vast backdrop of data, to improve the quality, cost, and ultimately access to care in US health systems.



Chief Executive Officer

Artur Adib, PhD

A former faculty member at the National Institutes of Health with over 20 peer-reviewed scientific publications, Artur was an early team member and VP of Software at eVTOL aircraft startup Beta Technologies (zero to $1.4B in <4 years), was a software engineer at Twitter before its IPO, and presently leads the vision and AI at Biocogniv.

Chief Operating Officer

Jabez Boyd

An executive with sales, corporate development, and team leadership experience across various industries, Jabez was an early team member at multiple technology startups, including LoopNet Inc (IPO), MyWebGrocer (acq), and EpikOne (acq).

Director of Engineering

Steve Wallace

Steve was a VP of Technology at Goldman-Sachs, where he joined after the successful acquisition of Dwight Asset Management ($75B+ in assets under management). Since then, he has taken on Software Architect roles at Green Mountain Power, iSystems, and Asure.

Principal Scientist

Tanya Kanigan, PhD

Prior to Biocogniv, Tanya was the CTO and COO at the cancer diagnostics company Genomic Expression. She has a PhD in Physical Chemistry from McGill and co-founded a life science instrumentation company (BioTrove, acq. '09) to commercialize the post-doctoral research she did at MIT.

Lead Data Scientist

Peter Toshev

Peter is a mathematician from Princeton University, where he was a recipient of IBM’s Thomas Watson scholarship. He has authored several peer-reviewed scientific papers on topics ranging from biomedical engineering to neurostimulation, written for Scientific American, and most recently was a Data Scientist at Cox Automotive.

Medical Advisory Board

Frank Peacock, MD FACEP FACC

Frank Peacock is a thought leader in biomarkers for emergency medicine, with over 500 peer-reviewed publications. He was formerly Vice Chair of the Emergency Department at Cleveland Clinic, and is presently Professor of Emergency Medicine, Associate Chair, and Research Director for the department of Emergency Medicine at the Baylor College of Medicine.

Joshua Tamayo-Sarver, MD PhD FACEP

Joshua Tamayo-Sarver is Vice President of Innovation at Vituity, one of the largest employers of doctors in the country and responsible for staffing hundreds of US hospitals. He works clinically as a staff physician in the Emergency Department at Good Samaritan Hospital in San Jose, California, where he is the past Department Vice-Chair and Director of Quality Improvement.

Christos Colovos, MD PhD

Chris Colovos is an intensivist and acute care surgeon trained at Cedars-Sinai, with a PhD in biochemistry from UCLA. He has published on a broad range of scientific and medical subjects, from computational algorithms for protein structure, to novel CAR T-Cell therapies for cancer, and trauma surgery.

Robert A Levine, MD

Dr. Levine has been a clinical professor of Laboratory Medicine at Yale School of Medicine for over 40 years, and has authored and licensed over 100 patents in medical diagnostics, including several hematology devices like the Quantitative Buffer Coat, which has been commercialized to over $1B in sales.

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