The foundational layer for the next generation of medical tools

At Biocogniv, we are applying our deep domain expertise in mission-critical software engineering and clinical R&D to build the most powerful platforms for the deployment and discovery of clinical-grade AI models.

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ClinOS is Biocogniv's cloud-based platform that enables the delivery of real-time, intelligent analysis of clinical data to virtually any healthcare system. ClinOS is HIPAA- and SOC2-compliant, built according to ISO 13485:2016 quality standards, with security as priority from day one.


When it comes to the development of clinical models, we've "been there, done that". We used our experience to build ROCfinder, a platform where all the critically important data engineering work is already out of the way, enabling us and our partners to make discoveries at unprecedented pace.

“My clinical and IT team have enjoyed working with the Biocogniv team. The IT team has been accommodating and straightforward to work with while setting up ClinOS for our hospital.”

Umair Malik, MD

Medical Staff President and Physician Informaticist
North Country Hospital, VT