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Real-Time Laboratory Intelligence For Hospitals

ClinOS™ watches your patients' charts 24/7 and delivers artificial intelligence (A.I.)-enabled laboratory interpretations directly into your EHR, informing frontline providers and improving care. No new software, no learning curve.


What If Your Lab Data Held The Key To Clinical Excellence?

Every day, billions of laboratory results are generated in EHRs, carrying with them valuable signals about your patients and their future. Yet clinical operations are still based on traditional, subjective decisions that make use of no such data, leaving many optimization opportunities on the table.


Core Features

ClinOS seamlessly integrates with most EHRs and provides uninterrupted intelligence to your clinical operations team.

Security First

ClinOS was built from the ground up to satisfy the most stringent compliance requirements, including periodic audits. Our connectivity and cloud partners are fully HITRUST and SOC-2 compliant, and PHI flows through secure VPN connections and HTTPS endpoints ensuring the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Maximum Value

Every ClinOS module was carefully designed to maximize ROI for the hospital, doctors, and patients. This is possible through the deep experience and expertise from our own clinical operations team, who have staffed hundreds of hospitals for decades.

Minimal Disruption

Rather than novel, unproven processes, ClinOS's intelligence can be leveraged in existing and proven workflows, thereby reducing staff training requirements and the need for extensive validation studies.

No New Software

Solutions that require the adoption of new software bear a large cost associated with IT burden, staff training, maintenance, support, etc. ClinOS does not require any new software installation, providing intelligence as familiar results in your EHR.

Rigorous AI

Not all AI are created equal. Our AI portfolio has gone through rigorous peer-review, and each model uses the latest developments in artificial intelligence while preserving the highest standards of medical rigor.

EHR Agnostic

ClinOS works with all major EHR vendors as well as various laboratory information systems (LIS), including Epic, Cerner, CPSI, Meditech, Allscripts, Athenahealth, Beaker LIS, Orchard LIS, and many others.

Find out how ClinOS™ can add value to your hospital today.


“Biocogniv's platform is a key enabler for clinical laboratories to deliver value above and beyond commodity test results. We are excited to partner with Biocogniv and scale out our capabilities.”

Peter McCaffrey, MD FCAP

Director, Lab Information Services
Director, Pathology Informatics
University of Texas Medical Branch


“Our collaboration with Biocogniv has led to a powerful demonstration of the utility of AI in medicine, showing how one can predict COVID infection by analyzing blood tests we routinely order.”

Vic Tapson, MD FCCP FRCP

Associate Director
Pulmonary and Critical Care Division
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center


“My clinical and IT team have enjoyed working with the Biocogniv team. The IT team has been accommodating and straightforward to work with while setting up ClinOS for our hospital.”

Umair Malik, MD

Medical Staff President and Physician Informaticist
North Country Hospital