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The success of any healthcare venture is built upon trust. That is why transparency and collaboration are at the core of our company's culture, and we take great pride in every paper we share with the medical and scientific communities.

Whether you are a scientific researcher or an innovative clinician, if you are interested in the application of AI to medical care, we'd like to talk to you.

Artur B. Adib, PhD
Founder/CEO, Biocogniv Inc
Former faculty, National Institutes of Health

Our latest paper

Development and External Validation of a Machine Learning Tool to Rule Out COVID-19 Among Adults in the Emergency Department Using Routine Blood Tests: A Large, Multicenter, Real-World Study

T. B. Plante, MD, MHS; A. M. Blau, MD; A. N. Berg; A. S. Weinberg, MD, MPhil; I. C. Jun, MD; V. F. Tapson, MD; Tanya S Kanigan, PhD; Artur B Adib, PhD

JMIR 2020;22(12):e24048

In this study that included a large number of sites (66) and patient encounters (~200,000), Biocogniv leveraged its ROCfinder™ platform to discover a model that can discriminate COVID-19 using only routine blood tests (CBC, CMP), and that generalizes well to hospitals (23) other than the ones it was trained on (43).

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More peer-reviewed papers from the Biocogniv team

Development and Validation of a 30-Day Mortality index Based on Pre-Existing Medical Administrative Data From 13,323 COVID-19 Patients

J. T. King Jr., J. S. Yoon, C. T. Rentsch, J. P. Tate, L. S. Park, F. Kidwai-Khan, M. Skanderson,
R. George Hauser, et al.
PLoS One 2020, 15(11), e0241825.

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Patterns of COVID-19 Testing and Mortality by Race and Ethnicity Among United States Veterans: A Nationwide Cohort Study.

C. T. Rentsch, F. Kidwai-Khan, J. P. Tate, L. S. Park, J T. King Jr, M Skanderson,
R. George Hauser, et al.
PLoS Med 17(9): e1003379.

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A 20-Year Evaluation of LOINC in the United States' Largest Integrated Health System

A. Bhargava, T. Kim, D. B Quine,
R. George Hauser
Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2020 Apr, 144(4), 478-484

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