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Biocogniv Powers UTMB’s Award-Winning COVID-19 Program

University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) pathologists increased throughput and clinical lab interpretation volumes using Biocogniv’s clinOS™ platform. UTMB was recognized with a 2022 Gage Award for COVID-19 Innovation at America’s Essential Hospitals conference in Boston on June 23, 2022.

July 27, 2022 (Burlington, VT) — Biocogniv, a digital diagnostics company focused on laboratory medicine for hospitals, announced that its clinOS™ platform powers an award-winning COVID-19 program run by the University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB). UTMB Health received a 2022 Gage Award for COVID-19 Innovations from America’s Essential Hospitals. The award recognizes UTMB’s groundbreaking work in SARS-CoV-2 testing using Biocogniv’s clinOS™ platform.

Biocogniv’s clinOS™ is a cloud-based platform that enables automated, efficient, and highly customized clinical rules ranging from expert laboratory interpretation systems to artificial intelligence-powered diagnostic predictions. In response to the global pandemic, UTMB pathologists developed a compendium of expert interpretive commentary for use on the company's platform. "Biocogniv's platform clinOS™ allowed UTMB physicians to review large numbers of COVID related test results in the electronic medical record and then provide a patient specific, constantly updated, expert driven comment for each patient tested. The clinical outcomes of COVID patients from our institution indicate that the patient specific commentary enabled by clinOS™ ultimately helped clinicians and patients make more appropriate treatment and quarantine decisions, and reduce practice variability,” said UTMB Pathology Chairman, Michael Laposata, MD, PhD.

“Biocogniv’s technology helps UTMB pathologists increase throughput and volume of laboratory interpretations — providing better patient care while optimizing hospital and lab resources,” said UTMB Laboratory Director, Peter McCaffrey, MD, FACP. “Thanks to the results we achieved with COVID, UTMB has expanded its use of Biocogniv’s clinOS™ platform to include toxicology and coagulation test interpretations and is impressed with the results,” he stated.

According to UTMB, the innovative project kept providers synchronized in their approach to ordering and understanding COVID testing and delivered patient-level guidance throughout a rapidly evolving pandemic. “Our platform was instrumental in helping UTMB complete more than 325,000 test interpretations over 13 months,” said Biocogniv’s CEO and former National Institutes of Health faculty member, Artur Adib, PhD.

America’s Essential Hospitals is a national trade association representing more than 300 hospitals providing care for low-income and marginalized people. The 2022 Gage Awards recognize America’s Essential Hospitals members for exceptional quality improvement, population health, and COVID-19 innovations. Gage Awards in the COVID-19 Innovations category highlight innovative approaches, projects, and programs related to the coronavirus pandemic. This award category captures creative solutions for the current or potential future pandemics within the hospital or in its community.

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Biocogniv is the world’s first digital diagnostic company tackling acute conditions using artificial intelligence on top of laboratory data. The company’s software platform, clinOS™, is already connected to multiple hospital systems across the US, processing thousands of laboratory tests per day, and its pipeline of aiMarkers™ includes predictors for sepsis, respiratory failure, acute heart failure, and others. For more information, please visit

About UTMB
The University of Texas Medical Branch (UTMB) is a 1,000-bed hospital system in southern Texas serving the greater Galveston, Texas area. UTMB’s facilities include hospitals on four campuses and multiple clinics in the Houston and Galveston, Texas regions. UTMB’s Pathology Department is at the forefront of using groundbreaking advancements in diagnostic medicine.